About Me

* I write, everyday.

* I am annoyingly on time.

* My husband is my second shooter and works professionally in the graphic arts industry. We both are experienced photoshop enthusiasts.

* I am a bit eccentric but that's what makes me fantastical at what I do.

* I can throw a football FAR and can do at least 20 push-ups depending on the day (weddings barely make me break a sweat).

* Photography is my art because when I try to draw people, they tend to look like glorified stick figures.

* I GREATLY dislike my picture taken. Photography is not
about me, it is about everything else in the world besides me.

* When I am not photographing clients, I am taking a picture
of something, someone or a flower.

* I genuinely love life and the people in it. As Anne Frank
did say, " I believe people are really good at heart".

Contact me through my website or
-email: randomclicks55@yahoo.com

Look forward to hearing from you,
Jodie McGuire